Royal Academy of Dance

14+ Dance Scholarship Winners from 2004

2004 Karen Nanasca
Karen Nanasca was the winner of the inaugural 14+ Dance Scholarship, presented in honour of Jeane Horne QSM, FRAD.
Karen is a former pupil of Heather and Melinda Palmer at the Mt Eden Ballet Academy in Auckland during which time she won the NZ National Ballet Award and was second runner-up in the Alana Haines Australasian Ballet Award.
After studying at the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne, Karen joined the Australian Ballet Company in 2009, and in 2016 was promoted to Principal Artist.
2006 James Wynn (now known as Harrison James)
Originally from Waikanae, James Wynn was a student of the Alison Pond Dance School for nine years and later the Paula Hunt Dance Academy before starting full time training at the New Zealand School of Dance.  In 2008 James received a scholarship to study with the San Francisco Ballet School.  Harrison James danced with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet where he was promoted in 2011 to 1st Soloist.  In late 2012 he moved to Switzerland to take up a contract with Béjart Ballet Lausanne, before returning to Canada in 2013 to join The National Ballet of Canada, where he was promoted to Principal Dancer in 2016.
2008 Emma White
Emma is a former pupil of the Mt Eden Ballet Academy (MEBA).  She trained at the NZ School of Dance from 2009 to 2011, when she received the Todd Scholarship resulting in a contract with the RNZB.  She danced with the RNZB in 2012.
2010 Phebe Murison
Phebe is a former pupil of the Mt Eden Ballet Academy (MEBA). In 2011 she was accepted into the Australia Ballet School. 2015 Phebe was a Young Artist with Queensland Ballet, Australia.
2012 Riki Kudo
Riki is a former pupil of the Philippa Campbell School of Ballet.  He participated in the Queensland Ballet's pre-professional program in 2013.
2014 Libby-Rose Niederer
Libby-Rose is a former student of the Cameron Ballet Academy in Auckland. In 2015 she began training full-time for two years at Queensland Ballet. In 2017 Libby-Rose was chosen as a Jette Parker Young Artist dancing full-time with the Queensland Ballet.
2016 Lilly Maskery
Lilly is a student of the Philippa Campbell School of Ballet in Auckland.  She is shown at right being presented the scholarship by judges, Nicola Searchfield and David Peden. Lilly was offered and accepted three scholarships in 2017: one for a summer school at the Canada National Ballet in July, another for an international training programme with the Australian Ballet School and another week-long course at the Royal Ballet School in England.
2018 Asia-Rose Blowfield
Asia-Rose is a student of Mount Eden Ballet Academy in Auckland.  She is shown at right being presented the scholarship by founding trustee, Shirley Baker.