Royal Academy of Dance

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

RAD Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provides opportunity to take time out to develop creative, teaching and business skills.  The scheme has been designed to allow flexibility and choice.  How teachers fulfil their CPD requirements is entirely up to them.  

CPD Declarations
At the end of each CPD year (30 June), RAD Registered Teachers are required to return a CPD Declaration form as part of the RAD membership renewal process. Complete the online CPD Declaration form OR download a copy of the CPD Declaration form below:

Annual CPD Declaration/Exemption Form 2017/18 Annual CPD Declaration/Exemption Form 2017/18 (98 KB)

CPD Exemptions
Exemptions to CPD requirements may be requested by teachers.  Check out the Guide and form here.

CPD Courses
Check out Teachers Courses scheduled in New Zealand.

CPD Information
Information about CPD can be found on the RAD UK website.  If you have any queries regarding the RAD CPD Scheme, please email  If the NZ office is unable to answer your query, we will ensure a member of the RAD UK CPD team will do so.